The Complete Filmmaking Curriculum

Over a hundred Hollywood professionals helped build a comprehensive filmmaking curriculum.

Production Life - Working on Set

Get first-hand advice from working filmmakers on proper on-set behavior and etiquette, from what to wear and how to prepare for a day shooting, to how to properly use walkie talkies and manage a range of personality types.

A Day on Set

Get a glimpse into a typical day on set, how to prepare yourself for the on-set experience, and what you can expect to find when working on a film crew.

Filmmaker’s Toolkit

Film sets are places of uncertainty where anything can happen, and sometimes having a $2 tool can save you from disaster. But being prepared is a matter of experience, and we’re going to share with you the experiences of professional filmmakers who want to save your shoot from disaster. In this lesson, students learn how to create a kit with the necessary tools, gadgets, and gizmos to help the set run smoothly. (10:40)

Proper Set Etiquette and Behavior

Movie sets are a unique work environment. Each crew consists of freelancers who may have never met before, all coming together to tame an unseen location to make movie magic. The dynamics, personalities, egos, and stress of production make navigating the politics of the movie set intimidating to new filmmakers. In this lesson, veteran Hollywood filmmakers share their insights on how to handle yourself on a movie set. (15:44)

Walkie Talkie Etiquette

Walkie talkies are the primary tool for keeping a film crew in constant communication. The language and techniques for using a walkie talkie on set is different than other industries, and knowing how will help you look more professional on set. In this lesson, you will learn proper walkie talkie technique. (14:59)

What to Bring to Set

Working on set is about being prepared with the right clothes and tools to take on any situation. In this lesson, we will show you how to properly dress for a day working on set, the tools you need to bring, and tips for making your work day just a little easier. (9:31)

Working with Difficult Personalities

Hollywood is full of amazing people - artists, technicians, craftsmen, executives, performers, and business execs. Each of these people have their own personalities - some more challenging than others. Part of surviving in the industry is knowing how to work with everyone - including the most difficult personalities. Hollywood veteran Casey Slade shares with us his entertaining insights on how to deal with ego in the film industry. (22:56)

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