The Complete Filmmaking Curriculum

Over a hundred Hollywood professionals helped build a comprehensive filmmaking curriculum.

Production on Location

The majority of film productions are shot on location, which means the film crew must interact with location owners and the general public. In this series, viewers learn the process of scouting and securing a location, working with location owners, and managing the public.

Finding Locations

Locations play a critical role in every film production, and in this module you will learn how to properly break down the script, scout locations, work on cold scouts, and how to assess the technical feasibility of a location and its local industry support. (18:51)

Film Commissions

Each state has a film commission tasked with attracting motion picture production to that state. In this module, learn the services offered by a film commission, how to use their services to find the best location for your movie, liaise with local industry, and potential unexpected issues.

Working with Location Owners

Approaching and asking a location owner to use his or her property for your film shoot can be a daunting task. In this module, you will not only learn how to approach a location owner, but which contracts and forms are needed, proper protocol, how to deal with problems and how to help a location owner prepare himself for the whirlwind that is the production process. (34:02)

Film Permits

In most major cities, you’re required to obtain a permit to be able to shoot on both public and private property. This module will walk you through the permitting process, when one is required, how to get one, the costs involved and common traps associated with free permits. (24:33)

Location Tech Scouting

Movies are either shot on a sound stage or on a real location. Shooting on location can bring its share of challenges, which is why understanding how to do a thorough site survey is critical to being prepared. In this module you will learn what to look for when you’re scouting locations. (26:03)

Community Relations

No one makes a movie in a vacuum - every day you shoot will invariably affect someone, whether it’s one neighbor or an entire community. In this module you will learn how your film shoot affects the public, how to work with local officials, how to notify residents, how to leave a positive impact on the community when you’re finished shooting and a general code of conduct for crews when shooting on location. (26:41)

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