The Complete Filmmaking Curriculum

Over a hundred Hollywood professionals helped build a comprehensive filmmaking curriculum.

Production Design

Learn how to shape a convincing world around your characters that reveals their personalities, all while creating a realism that transcends disbelief.  From the art of set design and creating the look, to the craft of set construction, you will learn every facet of the production design process from leading Hollywood filmmakers.

Set Design

Learn how to design a set so it fulfills both the technical and artistic needs of the production. Whether you have a budget or not, this module reveals tips and tricks of designing a great set.

Set Construction

Hollywood sets look vast and amazing on screen, but in reality, they are built as minimally as possible to achieve the look. What appears as stone, marble, wood, glass and brick may in reality by plywood flats, Styrofoam, textured facades and exquisite paint jobs that give the illusion of richer materials. In this module, you will learn how to construct a movie set, from building flats to painting and texturing the walls to building a floor and ceiling. (39:15)

Set Dressing

Most constructed sets are empty rooms, void of life and character. Set decorators bring in everything from rugs and drapes to items on surfaces, artwork on the walls, and anything the actors do not touch. The quality of the set dressing not only adds to the visual impact of the frame, but to the characters themselves. This module takes you inside the set decorating process, on a tour of a Hollywood prop house, and gives you dozens of tips and techniques for dressing your set, whether it’s on a sound stage or a real location. (33:17)


Props are any object an actor physically touches. If an actor doesn’t touch it, technically the object is part of the set dressing. In this module, we’re going to look at props, how to identify, build, gather and use them to best tell the story..

Creating The Look

Movie sets don’t appear out of nowhere, but are the result of a very careful collaboration between the art department and the director. In this module, you will learn the steps that go into creating an environment from the pre-production meeting to budgeting to researching a look. (32:10)

Tour a Prop House

Take a walk through Lenny Marvin's Prop Heaven in Burbank to see the props used in today's movies and TV shows.

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