The Complete Filmmaking Curriculum

Over a hundred Hollywood professionals helped build a comprehensive filmmaking curriculum.

Career Skills

The Academy Award and Emmy-winning filmmakers behind Steven Spielberg and James Cameron’s movies teach you the skills to build a successful career in the film industry.

Realities of the Film Industry

The entertainment industry does a great job of creating an illusion of how it operates, but how does it really work? Learn from top Hollywood filmmakers what really goes on behind the scenes, and how that impacts your career. (27:18)

Working Freelance

Learn the realities of working in a freelance-based industry, and how to survive. (26:14)

Preparing to Move to LA

Deciding to move to LA is a big decision, and in this video, you will learn how to prepare so you can hit the ground running.

Living in Los Angeles

Learn what to expect when you live here, from the best neighborhoods to managing the infamous LA traffic.

Getting Your First Job

So you moved to LA, and you’re ready to work. But how do you get your first job? Leading Hollywood filmmakers share the secrets of how to land your first job... and how to break into Hollywood. (22:54)

The Art of Networking

Like they say, it’s all who you know... and they’re right. In this module, learn the art of networking, meeting people, and navigating the treacherous waters of Hollywood. (22:17)

Making Money in Hollywood

Learn how to make a living in Hollywood, manage your money, and prepare for the ups and downs of the freelance world. (24:37)

Advice From the Pros

Dozens of successful Hollywood filmmakers share their secrets, tips, and advice on how to make it in the most competitive industry in the world. (21:13)

How to Survive in Hollywood

Breaking into the film industry as a writer is one thing - staying in it is another. Emmy-winning writer Steve Skrovan shares insights from his 30-year career on how to keep your Hollywood career alive and active. Learn common pitfalls, life balance, and how to stay relevant in one of the fastest-changing, exciting businesses in the world. (17:00)

These lessons are included in the following courses: