Are you getting the most out of your grip gear? From clamps to stands, learning how to rig a light or lighting control instrument where you need it, safely, is an important skill in achieving the desired cinematic look.

That’s why we partnered with Matthews Studio Equipment to produce an extensive series on grip gear and rigging gear and techniques. We will show you each piece of grip equipment – from stands and clamps to complex rigs – how to properly rig them, and on-set safety protocols.

Lesson 1

Grip and Rigging: Clamps

We unload the grip truck to show you how to use common clamps used on film sets, including mafers, cardellinis, C-clamps, furniture clamps, playtpus clamps, scissor clamps, gaffer grip, and how to use each clamp safety.

Lesson 2

Grip and Rigging: Rigging Hardware and Techniques

Learn how to safely use grid and pipe clamps, lollipops, offset arms, wall plates, double and triple headers, grip heads, wall spreaders, Mattpoles, putty knife, and chain vice grips.

Lesson 3

Grip and Rigging: Stands

From baby and combo stands, to hi-his and low boys, learn how to safety use industry-standard stands on set.

Lesson 4

Grip and Rigging: C-Stands

Learn how to properly use a variety of C-stands, including turtle base, spring loaded, as well as rigging options for grip heads and arms.

Lesson 5

Grip and Rigging: Grip Support

Learn how to properly use sandbags, apple boxes, taco carts, and furni pads on set.

Cinematic Lighting Master Course

Learn advanced techniques for reducing, softening and shaping light,  how to work with sunlight, advanced key light techniques for feature films, commercials, and music videos, green screen cinematography, and advanced natural lighting techniques.

Professional Lighting Equipment

  • Tungsten Lighting
  • HMI Lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • Kino-Flo Lighting

Grip and Rigging Techniques

  • Working with C-Stands
  • Working with Grip Clamps
  • Rigging Hardware and Techniques
  • Grip Stands and Elevating Lights
  • Grip Support
  • Grip Tools

Lighting Techniques

  • Light and Exposure
  • Techniques to Reduce Light
  • How to Create Soft Light
  • Techniques to Shape Light
  • Working with Reflected and Bounced Light
  • Color Temperature and White Balance
  • Working with Mixed Light
  • Attributes of Light
  • Three Point Lighting
  • How to Light and Shoot Green Screen
  • How to Light a Scene
  • How to Light Daytime Exteriors

On Location Lighting Demos

  • Lighting Kitchen Scene with Bright Outside Sunlight
  • Shooting a Nighttime Dialogue Scene
  • Lighting a Small Location
  • How to Light a Bedroom – Daytime
  • How to Make Nighttime Look Like Morning
  • Light Daylight Dialogue Scene
  • Light a Nighttime Bedroom Scene
    Light a Nighttime Living Room Scene

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