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I’m Jason Tomaric. As an Emmy-winning filmmaker and educator, I’ve met too many people who struggle to break into the industry, talented filmmakers buried under massive college debt, and content creators tired of scouring YouTube for quality training. That’s why I created a more affordable alternative to film school where you learn directly from master filmmakers. 

Over 150 industry professionals who have been honored with over 70 Academy Awards, Emmys, BAFTAs, and Golden Globes partnered with me to guide you step-by-step through the filmmaking process.

Whether you want to make better independent films, TV commercials, documentaries, or industrial videos, join the inner circle of master filmmakers whose work has grossed tens of billions of dollars around the world.

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Crew Job Shadows

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Learn to Direct Actors

All new lessons reveal how professionals direct actors on set for convincing, authentic performances. Lesson 1 Analyzing Character Characters, like people in real life, function

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Shooting on Location

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18 Filmmaking Master Courses

What's Inside FilmSkills?

Our complete online filmmaking program is designed for filmmakers who want to learn every aspect of the filmmaking process. Emmy and Academy Award winning filmmakers take you onto the set from the birth of your idea through distribution in groundbreaking detail. 

How to Break into the Film Industry
We show you how to start your career in the film industry. Learn how to network, make money, move to Los Angeles, and how to get your first job.
Discover how the studios work, how to make a business plan, attach actors to your film, work with agents and managers, and how to sell a reality show. Get the inside track from the producers behind Star Wars, Logan, Avatar, Titanic, and X-Men.
Academy Award and Emmy-winning writers guide you through every step of writing a screenplay. Learn how to develop characters, write compelling dialogue, structure your story, plus tips to improving your writing process and how to sell your script to agents and producers.
The producers behind Hollywood's biggest blockbusters teach you how to raise money, form a production company, manage the budget, plus how to hire the crew, work with vendors, unions and guilds, and how to hire SAG/AFTRA actors
Casting Actors
Hollywood casting directors take you through the audition process so you can find the perfect on-screen talent. Learn how to conduct the perfect audition, work with local celebrities, and warning signs for problematic actors.
Find and Manage Locations
Steven Spielberg's location manager shows you how to find the perfect location for your shoot. Learn how to work with local film commissions, secure permits, scout locations, and how to work with location owners for a smooth shoot every time.
Scheduling and Budgeting
Learn how to break down a script, create the schedule for your overall production, daily scheduling tips, and how to build a budget for your production.
Production Design
From designing and building new sets to dressing existing locations, we show you how to design and build a world that supports the story.
Crew Positions
Learn the duties and responsibilities of each crew position on a movie set. We followed over a hundred professional crew people who revealed the demands of their jobs.
Working on Set
Don't look like an amateur on set! We show you proper set etiquette, what to bring to the set, what to wear, how to use walkie talkies, and how to work with difficult personalities.
Emmy winning TV and movie directors show you how to block actors, develop a shot list, plan your coverage, maintain continuity, and storyboard your scenes.
Camera and Lens
This incredible series unlocks the power of your camera. Learn about the imaging sensor, ISO, focusing techniques, how to get the perfect exposure, work with frame rates, shutter speeds, focal lengths, tripods and sliders, and how to prep for a shoot.
Emmy and Academy Award-winning cinematographers guide you through lighting equipment and techniques. Learn how to craft light, light people, and create a look that enhances your story.
Framing and Composition
Learn how to properly frame your shots, create depth, frame people, the rule of 180, eyelines, plus how to use a clapboard and monitor on set.
Recording Audio
Academy Award winning creator of THX and Director of Audio at Apple, Tom Holman is one of many instructors who show you how to choose the right microphone, use the mic boom, on-set recording techniques, how to get the perfect dialogue, and avoid sound problems on set.
Grip and Rigging
From C-stands to Mafers, learn every clamp, stand, and the most common rigs on a set to place your lights and camera virtually anywhere.
Documentary Filmmaking
Learn how to structure your documentary, find the story, choose the right gear, find the perfect interview location, interview camera set-ups, how to prepare and conduct an interview, shoot B-roll, and how to assemble the final story in the editing room.
Safety Training
We worked with the architects of California's Safety Pass program, which trains all union film crew members to develop a complete safety training program to keep you, your cast, and crew safe on set. This program is used in over 50 film schools and film commissions worldwide.
Learn the art of editing from the beginning to final delivery. We show you how to build the assembly cut, the rough cut, and fine cut, how to edit a dialogue scene, how to cut action, conduct test screenings, and color grade your footage.
Audio Post-Production
This incredible series guides you through every step of creating the perfect audio. Learn ADR techniques, how to use Foley to add sound effects, how to mix the audio, and techniques for directing your voice talent.
Music Composition
The masters behind the scores for The Dark Knight, Interstellar, The Life of Pi, and dozens of other blockbusters show you how to score your film, work with a composer, license the rights to music, and much more.
Studio executives lift the curtain on how to market your movie using Hollywood techniques. Learn how to define your audience, design compelling key art, build a press kit, and how to work with the media.
Learn how to get a distributor, navigate the foreign market, how to make a splash at film festivals, and how to deal with the film rating board.

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FilmSkills is WORLD CLASS. I don’t know how you did it Jason, but thank you for building such an incredible site.  I never thought I’d be able to learn from the directors, producers, cinematographers – basically everybody behind my favorite TV shows. The lessons are so concise without the fluff. Thanks to you, I got my first paid production job.  Thanks Jason!

– Nathan M, Chicago, IL

THANK YOU JASON! I bought your book, “Filmmaking,” and learned so much. Then I found FilmSkills and it seriously blew my mind. Thanks to you and your incredible team. My productions improved dramatically. I nearly doubled my clients, and am earning about $2000 a DAY. 

– Christian P, Atlanta, GA

I decided to drop out of engineering school and take the plunge as a filmmaker. I didn’t want to start over, so I was stoked when I found FilmSkills. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. You literally tapped the Hollywood inner circle and have brought so much valuable knowledge to us aspiring newbies. If I ran a film school, I’d be scared. FilmSkills is a powerhouse.

– Barry C., Des Moine, IA

Where do you see yourself?

Filmmaking is one industry where there is something for everyone. Whether you’re attracted to directing, cinematography, working with actors, sound design, producing, or post-production, we help you turn your creativity into a thriving career.

Meet a few of your 150 instructors

This is no ordinary film school. You will learn from the best of the best. Our instructors have been honored with over 70 Academy Award and Emmy wins and nominations.  No film school on Earth has this caliber of instructors.

Learn from Emmy, Academy Award, BAFTA, and SAG Award winning filmmakers

FilmSkills takes you deep inside the inner workings of Hollywood to learn where film schools can't take you - the set itself.

Access lavishly illustrated how-to articles, downloadable industry resources, and most importantly, over 90 hours of video training featuring insider info from over 150 top Hollywood talent like the producers of Avatar, Steven Spielberg’s location managers, and over 70 Emmy and Academy Award winners and nominees.

Not only has FilmSkills been embraced by thousands of individual learners, it's also in use in over 72 top film schools like UCLA, Yale, and the Art Institute.

Who am I?

My name is Jason Tomaric, and I started making movies in my small home town of Chardon, Ohio. I remember being consumed by my passion, but sadly, my parents couldn’t afford to send me to film school, and I was tired of scouring YouTube for content that went deeper than all those “5-tip” videos. So, I taught myself the skills I needed through a LOT of trial and error. Eventually, I launched my own production company shooting TV commercials, documentaries, and feature films, and won 12 Telly Awards, a Golden CINE award, and an Emmy.

Since then, I moved to LA, where I’ve been living my dream, shooting and directing in over 30 countries for Disney, NBC/Universal, Toyota, Microsoft, McDonald’s, and National Geographic. My first feature film premiered on the opening night at South by Southwest, and got picked up for international distribution. My second film was picked up by Netflix.

Throughout all this, I really wanted to give back by creating the resource I wish I had when I was getting started. So I wrote a few books you may have seen in your local bookstore, and was invited to teach at dozens of universities – most recently a graduate advanced cinematography class at UCLA. But that wasn’t enough to truly teach the filmmaking process, which is involved, nuanced, and disciplined.

So I reached out to professional filmmakers I’ve worked with, asking them to share their skills and techniques on camera. Word spread around Hollywood about my project, and opened the doors to over 150 A-list filmmakers, who graciously took a LOT of time to teach incredible skills they learned over their careers. And…  I got it all on camera. The result is a the industry’s most complete, in-depth online film school, that is growing bigger and faster than ever.

Today, tens of thousands of filmmakers have joined FilmSkills, and it’s used in over 90- film schools and even state film commissions.  If I can do it, you certainly can. Just know you have a tool to do it a lot faster, and a lot cheaper than I did.

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