Monetize Your Content

Seamlessly integrated, accept student payments for your classes and courses. Enjoy peace-of-mind with the industry’s leading Credit card processor, Stripe.

Accept Student Payments

Accept payments from students around the world with your own fully-integrated Stripe account. With no fees, you are in control of your own revenue without the middle man. 

Integrated E-Commerce

Accept Credit Card Payments

Your account allow you to sell your classes and courses to students and keep 100% of the profits. You have your own credit card account and the revenue flows directly into your bank account - no middle man.

Accounting Manager

Manage your revenue with our robust, integrated accounting tool. Track which classes, courses, and lessons are selling best, and view your numbers at a glance.

Full Feature List

Credit Card Processing

Seamless Integration

Stripe is integrated fully into FilmSkills, allowing simple set-up and payment management.

No Set-Up Fees

Setting up your Stripe account is free. You only pay the standard credit card processing fee of 30¢ + 2.9% of every transaction.

No Middle Man

All revenue generated flows directly into your bank account, putting you in charge of your revenue.

Dedicated Dashboard

Manage payments, refunds, chargebacks, and all student activity through your dedicated Stripe dashboard.


Robust Accounting Manager

Track every sale, royalty, and sales data through an integrated accounting and reporting tool.

generate Sales Reports

Stay on top of your sales numbers with reports detailing who is buying which content.