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Emmy-winning cinematographer Jason J. Tomaric takes you to Panavision in Hollywood to teach you practical, on-set techniques to mixing light sources of various color temperatures.  Learn basic gel types, how to choose light sources, how to work with tungsten, HMI and Kino-Flo lights, what to do when using tungsten and sunlight, color correcting light sources, using the white balance to correct gelled lights, and much, much more.


  • 29:06 video that walks you through how to work with lights of different color temperatures
  • Complete companion guide


  • How to choose the correct light fixture based on the ambience of the location
  • How to correct a light source using gels
  • How to use dichroic filters
  • How to work with non-white light
  • Techniques for gelling windows
"Very straightforward and easy to follow. I also really appreciate the combination of technical and aesthetics, which is how I base my class. I would find this to be a very good reference to provide to students."
   - William Donaruma,
      University of Notre Dame