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Sound is quite literally, one half of the movie-going experience. Without sound, you have surveillance and without the image, you have radio.  But what is sound?  You may think of it in several terms – pitch, tone… volume, but what is sound and how does it work?  In this module we’re going to look at the physics of sound – the sound wave, how it can be measured and ultimately, how it is used to create emotion through story.


  • 25:33 video that walks you through the physics of sound
  • Illustrated companion guide


  • What is Sound
  • How the human ear "hears' sound
  • The attributes of a sound wave
  • What is frequency and how it is measured
  • What is amplitude
  • What is propagation
  • How sound is measured
"Very straightforward and easy to follow. I also really appreciate the combination of technical and aesthetics, which is how I base my class. I would find this to be a very good reference to provide to students."
   - William Donaruma,
      University of Notre Dame