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The assembly cut is the first draft of the movie edit in which the director has the opportunity to see the movie for the first time.  While this can be a time-consuming, challenging, and stressful process, a well-crafted assembly cut lays the foundation for the director to begin sculpting the footage into the best possible story.
In this module you will learn how to approach the assembly cut, how to manage music and sound effects, what should or shouldn’t be included, and how to address issues of pacing, story, and character development.
Start the editing process right by mastering the first, and most important step of the edit.


  • 21:33 video that walks you through the first round of editing, the assembly cut
  • Complete resource guide


  • What the assembly cut is and what should be accomplished during this phase of the editing process
  • The role of the editor during the assembly cut
  • The director's role in the edit
  • How to work with sound effects and music during the assembly cut process
  • How to work with needle drop music
  • How to deal with digital effects during the assembly process
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   - Patrick Falvey, writer