The Art of the Interview Preview

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When the lights go on and the camera rolls, it’s easy to get intimidated when interviewing your subject, but by understanding key interview techniques used by the world’s top journalists and documentarians, your can leave the shoot knowing you got exactly what you needed.
In this module you will learn how to warm up a nervous subject, how to determine the objective of the interview, the first question you should always ask, how to uncover the truth especially with subjects intent on deceiving or leading you, how to work with difficult subjects, how to conduct interviews in which you are also on camera, and how to conduct man-on-the-street interviews.
Develop a keen sense, a sharp ear, and a delicate touch to get the sound bites you need to make your film compelling, engaging, and true.


  • 32:05 video that takes you through the steps of conducting the perfect interview
  • Illustrated companion guide


  • How to prepare your subject before the interview
  • The first question to ask
  • How to find and uncover the truth in the interview
  • How to work with difficult subjects
  • How to work with celebrities and politicians
  • How to conduct Man-on-the-Street interviews
  • How to shoot the interviewer
"Very straightforward and easy to follow. I also really appreciate the combination of technical and aesthetics, which is how I base my class. I would find this to be a very good reference to provide to students."
   - William Donaruma,
      University of Notre Dame