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When you think of special effects and pyrotechnics, I’m sure big action movies, war movies, car crashes and large explosions come to mind. Certainly those forms of entertainment involve a great deal of special effects and pyrotechnics, but even the tamest film or video project can involve special effects and pyrotechnics.  A candle lit dinner, a roaring fire in the fireplace, atmospheric haze in a crowded night club, blank ammunition fire, or an old fashioned camera flash using flash powder – these are all special effects or pyrotechnic special effects.  Planning a production that will use these effects requires a heightened awareness of the safety elements involved, and potential hazards.
In this module we will look at the health and safety issues when using open flame effects, fog, haze, and smoke effects, and photographic “dust” effects.


  • 23:51 video that highlights safe use of pyrotechnics and special effects
  • Illustrated companion guide
  • Downloadable on-set reference guide


  • How to work with open flames on set
  • How to work safely with smoke, haze and fog
  • How to work with dust effects
Very detailed. Excellent for homework assignments to let students watch at home.
   -  Daniel Levin,
       University of Houston