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It seems every department has it’s own language – actors talk about method, gaffers talk in terms of lighting, and producers speak in the language of finance.  Directors have their own language, and part of it is conveying how they want to frame a shot.
In this module, you will learn the intricacies of framing, the basic shot types, advanced variations on these shot types, how to quickly communicate your vision to the cinematographer, and the emotional responsive invoked by various shot types.
Become a master of the frame and improve the language of composition to the get the shot you want.


  • 28:07 video that walks you through the various shot types
  • Complete companion guide


  • Common frame sizes and their Hollywood terms
  • How to effectively communicate frame sizes to the cinematographer or camera operator
  • How networks require specific framing guidelines for television shows
  • The impact certain frame sizes have on the emotional intensity of the shot
  • Establishing shots
  • Master shots
  • Close-ups
  • Medium shots
  • Clean and dirty shots
  • Over-the-shoulder shots
  • Deep focus and when to use it
  • Shallow focus and when to use it
  • Dutch angles
  • Camera movements


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