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Throughout a film production, the director, the cast, and crew can easily generate thousands of individual shots - different angles, multiple takes, insert shots, effects shots.  Some of these shots are bad - perhaps a plane went overhead or the actor botched a line - while other takes are perfect.  After the shoot is finished and all this footage makes its way to the editor, how does the editor know which takes are the best amounts the thousands of other clips?  Well, logging these shots is the role of the script supervisor, and in this module we're going to explore the role of the script supervisor and how she links the set to the editing room.


  • 28:44 video detailing the duties and responsibilities of the script supervisor
  • Illustrated companion guide
  • Downloadable sample script notes


  • The role of the script supervisor
  • How the script supervisor monitors continuity
  • The relationship between the script supervisor and the director
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