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Once the overall schedule is complete, it’s time to focus on the daily schedule.
In this module learn how to schedule company moves, meal breaks, learn the productivity arc of a shooting crew, how to work with the director’ shot list, skills for managing a shoot running over schedule, how to generate a one-line schedule, and how to create call sheets.
Keep your production on-time and on-budget by learning how to properly schedule a shooting day.


  • 30:03 video that teaches you how to schedule a shoot within each shooting day
  • Companion resource guide
  • Blank call sheet template
  • Blank daily wrap report
  • Blank production report


  • How to effectively schedule company moves
  • How to schedule meals for the cast and crew
  • The productivity arc throughout the shooting day
  • How to work with the director's shot list
  • What to do when you run over schedule
  • How to create a one-line schedule
  • How to create call sheets and why they're important
"Absolutely the most in-depth, informative and entertaining site out there. Filmskills takes you through everything you need to know, demystifies the process and shows you exactly how to make a movie, even if you do not have a huge budget."
   - Kevin Cooper, Executive Producer, Secondhand Lions