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Props are any object an actor physically touches. If an actor doesn't touch it, technically the object is part of the set dressing. In this module, we're going to look at props, how to identify, build, gather and use them to best tell the story.



  • 36:16 video that takes you through the process of identifying, building, and managing props on set
  • Illustrated companion guide


  • What constitutes a prop
  • How to perform a script breakdown
  • The role of the property master, and the responsibilities of the prop department
  • Managing specialty props with the construction coordinator
  • How to research a time period
  • Kit bashing techniques
  • How to create and manage stunt props
  • How to create custom-built props
"Absolutely the most in-depth, informative and entertaining site out there. Filmskills takes you through everything you need to know, demystifies the process and shows you exactly how to make a movie, even if you do not have a huge budget."
   - Kevin Cooper, Executive Producer, Secondhand Lions