Producing Course


FilmSkills Producing Course
  • 3-month course
  • 8-lessons
  • 4 hours, 6 minutes of video
  • Projects and Exercises
  • Illustrated Companion Guides
  • Downloadable Class Materials
  • Industry-Leading Instructors
  • Certificate of Completion


Learn the Business of Filmmaking
Producing is the business of movie making. Producers assemble the raw talent, and equipment for the director to build his vision on the set.  But the business of filmmaking is like no other – the demands are constantly changing and each scene requires its own unique approach to be successful.
In the FilmSkills Producing Course, you will learn how to start and run a production company, manage payroll and production expenses, negotiate with vendors, work with unions, and hire the cast and crew, including, SAG-AFTRA actors.
Your instructors - Hollywood producers whose credits include top blockbusters, critically acclaimed productions, as well as Emmy and Academy-Award winning projects - will walk you through every step of how to produce a film from the broad picture to the fine details.
In addition to the rich video modules that take you onto the set and behind the scenes, you will have access to our database of industry-standard contracts and forms you can use on your own projects.  Get the edge and learn from the people defining Hollywood today in the FilmSkills Producing Course.


Each lesson will take you through each step of Producing Course process.

Forming a Production Company

Learn how to choose the right corporate structure, set up a company, open the proper accounts, establish the legal framework for the production, work with an attorney, and set-up the production office.

Money Management

Learn to manage the budget, set-up a bank account, manage the flow of money throughout the production including payroll, loan outs, kit fees, per diems, mileage, and petty cash.

Hiring the Crew
Learn how to hire an experienced crew, work with above the line vs, below the line, union vs. non-union crew members, manage pay or play deals, work with independent contractors and employees, address personal conflicts on set, and ultimately assemble the most talented professionals for your project.
Working with Vendors
Learn to find qualified vendors in your shooting area, manage relationships with vendors, the financial workflow from purchase orders to invoices, and tips to making sure you get the resources you need on set.
Unions and Guilds
Learn how the unions function, the benefits for members, the key unions: IATSE, DGA, SAG, and WGA, the differences in hiring union and non-union crew, how productions flip, and how to shoot in a “Right-to-Work” state.
Working with SAG/AFTRA
Learn how SAG functions, the ramifications of the SAG-AFTRA merger, how signatories work, how the Taft-Hartley act admits new members into SAG-AFTRA, and the benefits and drawbacks of Financial Core.  Be prepared when working with SAG-AFTRA actors on your production.
The Line Producer
Learn the duties and responsibiltiies of the line producer, both on and off the set.
The Unit Production Manager

Learn the duties and responsibilities of the Unit Production Manager, both on and off the screen.


FilmSkills features top industry professionals, any of whom are leaders in their field. You will be learning from best.

Steve Skrovan

Two-time Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer, "Everybody Loves Raymond," and Writer, "Seinfeld"

Keith Coene

Producer of over 200 commercials

Eve Light Honthaner

Production manager "Titanic", "Tropic Thunder", "Just Married", "Joy Ride", and "In Dreams"

Mike Musteric

2nd Assistant Director, "Lost," "Avatar," "X-Men: First Class," "Momento," and "Real Steel"

Jason J. Tomaric

Emmy-winning director/Cinematographer

Stephen Marinaccio

Line Producer, "America's Next Top Model," "Headless Horseman," "Trade of Innocents," and "The Counselor"

Lloyd Kaufman

President, Troma Entertainment, Chairman International Film and Television Association

Richard Middleton

Line Producer, Executive Producer of the Academy-Award-winning "The Artist," "Hitchcock"

Ricky Margolis

Financier, Future Films USA, "Cracks,” “Veronika Decides To Die,” and “Last Passenger”

Cristen Carr Strubbe

Line Producer, UPM, "Catch Me if you Can," "Charile Wilson's War," "Ali," and "The Prestige"

Jerry Magaña

Producer, "Fred and Vinnie," and "Falsehood"

Laurence Ducceschi

Producer, Feature Films, Lifetime Network, "Beauty & the Briefcase," "Left To Die," and "Revenge Of The Bridesmaids."

Noel Bermudez

Production Accountant, "Tin Cup," "Dangerous Minds," "Switched at Birth," "The Nine Lives of Chloe King," "Greek," Huge," and "10 Things I Hate About You"

Noelle Green

Supervising Production Coordinator "Spiderman 3," "Memoirs of a Geisha," "The Terminal," "Solaris," and "Legally Blond"

Bob Mathews

Emmy-winning Costume Supervisor, "Behind the Candelabra," "John Carter," "Terminator Salvation," "Cloverfield," "The Prestige"

Tara Radcliffe

Actress, Hollywood Board Memeber for SAG-AFTRA, "Law and Order" "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City," and "Agent 6"

"In the end all I can say is that I wish I would have had this at my fingertips when I was just starting out. It would have made things so much easier. And even with a lot of time spent making my own films this is still a great resource to fill the holes a self taught approach leaves. If you want to be a filmmaker and can't afford to head off to a school this is the next best thing."