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There are a lot of locations that would seem to be a perfectly safe place for any adult under normal circumstances – the shoulder of a roadway, a staircase, a pier by a lake.  However, any film location can be quite unsafe when your complete focus is on shooting, and not on your surroundings. As such, you have to imagine ahead of time the potential ways that you, or anyone on the cast or crew could get injured, what can be done to prevent this from happening, and what emergency preparations will be necessary if it does.

The key to safety on location is preparation.  We will discuss creating a Safety Assessment for each location you shoot in. We will identify the kinds of hazards one is likely to encounter on various locations. We’ll look at the steps and strategies for developing an Action Plan that addresses location hazards.  We will discuss the Fire Safety Checklist, steps that should always be taken when shooting in a remote location, or by ones self, electrical safety and safety concerns involved in shooting on a rooftop.  Finally we will provide guidelines for shooting in public places, or in places where equipment will be placed on public sidewalks.


  • 18:51 video that highlights industry standard safety guidelines for working on location
  • Illustrated companion guide
  • Downloadable on-set reference guide


  • How to make a safety assessment of a location
  • Health and Safety Hazards
  • How to create an action plan
  • How to create an emergency Plan
  • How to address hazards
  • Fire Safety Checklist
  • Safety procedures for working alone at a remote location
  • Electrical and lighting safety on location
  • Safety practices for shooting on rooftops
  • Safety practices for working around the public
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