Grip and Rigging Course


FilmSkills Grip & Rigging Course
  • 3-month course
  • 11-lessons
  • 1 hour, 58 minutes of video
  • Projects and Exercises
  • Illustrated Companion Guides
  • Downloadable Class Materials
  • Industry-Leading Instructors
  • Certificate of Completion


The Backbone of the Lights and Camera
If you ever stepped foot on a movie set, the first thing you notice is all the equipment.  Stands, clamps, and elaborate rigs are constructed to position the camera and lighting to get the perfect shot.
In the FilmSkills Grip and Rigging Course, you will learn how to use the most commonly-used grip equipment, proper rigging techniques, how and when to use clamps and stands, how to set-up dolly track and use a camera dolly, as well as the roles of the grip department from the time they get a phone call for a job to managing the politics on set.
Never look foolish opening a C-Stand or question whether to use a cardellini or a mafer again with the FilmSkills Grip and Rigging Course.


Each lesson will take you through each step of Grip and Rigging Course process.


Learn how to use one of the most often-used stands on set - the C-stand.


Learn the most commonly-used stands used on location to support lights and overheads.

Roller Stands
Learn about roller stands, how and when to use them.
Dolly and Track

Learn how to properly set-up a doorway dolly and track.


Learn about the different types of clamps used to rig light fixtures and grip equipment on set.

Learn the most common rigging tools used by grips on set.
Grip's Tools

Learn the essential tools every grip needs when working on set.

Key Grip
Learn the duties and responsibilities of the Key Grip
Best Boy

Learn the duties and responsibilities of the Best Boy


Learn the duties and responsibilities of the Grips

Dolly Grip
Learn the duties and responsibilities of the Dolly Grip


FilmSkills features top industry professionals, any of whom are leaders in their field. You will be learning from best.

Harry C. Box

Camera Operator, "Heroes," "Brothers and Sisters," and Author of "The Set Lighting Technician's Handbook"

Blain Brown

Cinematographer, Author, "Cinematography: Theory and Practice" and "Motion Picture and Video Lighting"

David Stump, ASC

Academy Award and Emmy-winning cinematographer, "A Quantum of Solace", "Flight Plan", "Fantastic Four", and "X-Men"

Mike Uva

Key Grip "Nip/Tuck", “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, "Everybody Hates Chris", and author "Uva's Grip Book"

Ron Sill

Gaffer, "Christmas in Connecticut," "Iron Eagle," and "Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby"

Ed Joyce

Gaffer, National Geographic, "Fred and Vinnie," and "Smiley"

Charles Rose

Cinematographer, "Screamers", "Dark Reel", "Showgirls 2", and "Trafficking"

Richard Mall

Academy Award winner, Key Grip, "Iron Man 1 & 2," "Avatar," "Twilight," "GI:Joe," and "The Italian Job,"

Jason J. Tomaric

Emmy-winning director/Cinematographer

Rick Taylor

Camera Operator, "Don Jon", "The Price of Happiness", "Timecode", "Perfect Game", "Team Knight Rider", "Ghostbusters" and "He-Man"

"While an online course can never replace hands-on experience, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better online program than Filmskills."

- Microfilmmaker