Finding Actors Course


FilmSkills Finding Actors Course
  • 3-month course
  • 4-lessons
  • 1 hour, 17 minutes of video
  • Projects and Exercises
  • Illustrated Companion Guides
  • Downloadable Class Materials
  • Industry-Leading Instructors
  • Certificate of Completion


Put the Right Face to the Name
Imagine “Breaking Bad” without Bryan Cranston, “Taxi Driver” without Robert Deniro, or the “Iron Lady” without Meryl Strep. The cast of a film can make or break the tone and style of a movie.  Not only is casting the right actors for the roles creatively important, but also a key factor in helping you sell your movie to distributors.
In the FilmSkills Finding Actors course, we will show you how to find the balance between actors who bring the creative presence to the screen while providing a marketable face for distributors.  Learn how to conduct effective auditions whether you’re working with experienced Hollywood actors or local theatre talent.  Learn how to work with local celebrities to generate buzz and potentially raise resources for your movie. Lastly we will show you how to make the final selection when faced with a line of outstanding finalists.
Your instructors are working Hollywood actors and casting directors who have worked on major films like “The Matrix,” and “Total Recall.”  Go inside the audition room and learn how to cast your film in the FilmSkills Finding Actors Course.


Each lesson will take you through each step of Finding Actors Course process.

Finding Actors
Learn how to work with casting directors to approach recognizable actors, how to develop a script that appeals to certain talent, the art of packaging, casting actors on your own, and the pros and cons of working with unknowns.

Learn how to find the ideal audition space, attract qualified actors, conduct auditions, and learn what to look for so you can find the perfect cast for your movie.

Learn how to conduct the second and third auditions, what to do after the auditions, recognize danger signs in actors, and how to prepare the actors for the next step: the rehearsals.
Working with Local Celebrities
Learn the best way to approach local celebrities, how to use them, and the secret benefits they can bring to your movie. Working with local celebrities will not only improve the visibility of your production, but lead to a number of other benefits that can not only help promote the movie, but assist greatly in production.


FilmSkills features top industry professionals, any of whom are leaders in their field. You will be learning from best.

Anthony Ray Parker

Actor, "The Matrix," "The Marine", Hercules: The Legendary Journeys", and "Xena: Warrior Princess"

Billy DaMota

Casting Director, "The Running Man", "Predator", "The Three Amigos", and "Project X"

Roy Werner

Actor, "90210", "All My Children", "Desperate Housewives", and "Lie to Me"

Alison Buck

Casting Director, "The Last Bear," "Low Grounds," "Pig," "Spotlight," and "Hey Vendor!"

John Henry Richardson

Actor and Director, "Panic 5 Bravo," "Castlevania: Hymn of Blood," "Dillinger in Paradise"

Harold Hafner

Los Angeles based Casting Director

"It’s a fantastic academic resource, populated with a wealth of knowledge that is generously supplied by industry professionals.