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Now that you’ve successfully raised money from your investors, it’s vital to manage the money properly – both to ensure smooth payouts to vendors and employees and to maintain transparency to your investors as to how this money is being spent.
In this module, learn how to manage the budget, how to set-up a bank account, manage the flow of money throughout the production including payroll, loan outs, kit fees, per diems, mileage, and petty cash.
Learn how to manage every dollar to ensure it’s going to the right place.


  • 36:07 video that walks you through how the workflow of managing the production budget
  • Illustrated companion guide
  • Downloadable forms
    • Box Equipment Rental form
    • Check Request Form
    • Daily Cost Overview form
    • Individual Petty Cash Account form
    • Loanout Agreement form
    • Petty Cash form
    • Mileage Log
    • Petty Cash Receipt
    • Check's in the Mail form


  • Learn to to set up the proper checking account for the production
  • How investors use escrow accounts to protect funds
  • How cash flow works on larger productions
  • How payroll companies handle cast and crew payment
  • How to work with crew as loan-out
  • What are kit fees and how to negotiate them
  • How to manage per diem
  • How to track and pay cast and crew mileage
  • How to manage petty cash transactions
Very detailed. Excellent for homework assignments to let students watch at home.
   -  Daniel Levin,
       University of Houston