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FilmSkills Locations Course
  • 3-month course
  • 6-lessons
  • 2 hours, 33 minutes of video
  • Projects and Exercises
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  • Industry-Leading Instructors
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Nothing Is More Real Than the Real Thing
Shooting on location adds vibrancy to the world of your story – whether you’re shooting at the Eifel Tower or a dark back alley, the real life always tends to look more…real. But this realism comes at the price.  The cost of transporting the cast and crew, working with the public, handling permits, working with local government, dealing with annoyed neighbors, and fighting the elements to get the control you need to craft each shot can be daunting.
That’s why in the Location Course, we walk you through ever step of how to shoot on location from finding the best location to leaving at the end of the shoot and everything in between. Learn from Steven Spielberg’s location manager Mike Fantasia, veteran Hollywood location manager Veronique Vowell, and former San Diego film commissioner Kathy McCurdy.
Get the most out of your location shoot today with the FilmSkills Locations Course.


Each lesson will take you through each step of Locations Course process.

Finding Locations

Learn how to scout locations and work with local resources to find the best possible environment for your movie

Film Commissions

Learn how to use the services of a film commission to secure locations for your movie

Working with Location Owners
 Learn how to work with location owners, negotiate location agreements and deal with problems.
Film Permits

Learn when you need a filming permit and how to obtain one

Location Tech Scouting
Learn how to properly scout a location, what to look for and how to prep it for your shoot.
Community Relations

Learn how to professionally integrate a film production into a community


FilmSkills features top industry professionals, any of whom are leaders in their field. You will be learning from best.

Blain Brown

Cinematographer, Author, "Cinematography: Theory and Practice" and "Motion Picture and Video Lighting"

David Stump, ASC

Academy Award and Emmy-winning cinematographer, "A Quantum of Solace", "Flight Plan", "Fantastic Four", and "X-Men"

Veronique Vowell

Location Manager, "Cold Case," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Nick of Time," and "Encino Man"

Mike Fantasia

Location Manager, "Indiana Jones 4," "Catch Me if You Can," "Jerry Maguire," "The Terminal," and "Heat"

Kathy M. McCurdy

Former San Diego Film Commissioner, "Almost Famous", "Transformers 2", "Traffic", and "Mr. Wrong"

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