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When you first step onto a set or scout a location, it can be an overwhelming experience trying to figure out how to light the scene.  Where do you start?  Where do you put the key light?  How do you work with the ambience? This module not only gives you valuable pointers and a step-by-step guide to planning the lighting for a scene, but Emmy-winning DP Jason Tomaric, Vice President of Lighting of Arri John Gresch and veteran gaffer Ron Sill walk you through the lighting of a scene for a movie.  See for yourself the DP’s process as he shares his tips and techniques with you from first thoughts of the set through the final lighting.


  • 24:42 video that walks you through the approach to lighting a scene
  • Complete companion guide
  • Guide on mapping the electrical layout of a location and how to work with a circuit breaker
  • Four scene study guides with scenes from "Time and Again"


  • How to determine the ambient light at a location
  • How to determine the placement of the key light
  • How to place accent lights
  • How to light a set based on the actor's blocking
"Finally... a complete resource for independent filmmakers! Thank you, Jason Tomaric for succinctly compiling all the most pertinent and useful information so that when my memory needs jogging, help is just a click away! Your generosity in sharing your success formula is so refreshing."
   - Amina Fakir, Producer