Bring the Filmmaking Process to Life

Cutting-edge multimedia lessons put you on set, next to Academy Award and Emmy winning filmmakers. Get a front row seat to the filmmaking process.

250 Lessons

Each lesson is packed with on-set video tutorials taught by Oscar and Emmy-winning filmmakers, illustrated articles, hundreds of downloadable forms, online resources, and much, much more.

Hundreds of Video Tutorials

Filmmaking is a visual medium, and your students are visual learners.  They rely more and more on online video than textbooks for information.  Unfortunately, the web can be a source of dubious credibility. That’s why we went right to the source. 

FilmSkills brings the film and video experience to life with hundreds of videos featuring respected industry professionals and professors.

Each video features leading Hollywood filmmakers, who have won, or been nominated for, over 70 Emmy’s, Academy Awards, BAFTAS, and Golden Globes.

Everything You Need to Teach

FilmSkills is not only the best resource for students; we have enhanced it with powerful instructor resources designed to save you time.


Test Questions

Each lessons comes with a complete set of test questions, totaling over 5,000

Interactive Projects

Assign hundreds of projects to your students. You can even grade them and provide feedback... all in FilmSkills

Illustrated Tutorials

Each lesson comes with a robust illustrated tutorial that is always kept up to date with the latest industry information

Mix and Match Lessons

FilmSkills is engineered for flexibility. Mix and match FilmSkills lessons, or lessons you or your fellow instructors authored, for truly customizable learning paths tailored to each group of students. All lessons plug-and-play together seamlessly and unlock the materials inside.

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