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Now that your movie is finished, it’s time to sell it and begin generating revenue.  But this is easier said than done – the costs of distribution, marketability of your project, and dozens of other factors will impact the price you receive.
In this module you will learn how the distribution process works, the way studios approach the process, the windows and time frames of distribution, how to approach self-distribution, and knowing your audience. Guiding you through these tricky waters are veteran studio executives from LucasFilm, Sony, and FreeMantle Media.
Unlock the distribution process so you can get the most for your movie.


  • 32:55 video that takes you into the world of movie distribution
  • Illustrated companion guide
  • Sample Downloadable Delivery Requirements
  • Sample Chain of Title
  • Sample Billing Block
  • Sample Music Cue Sheet
  • Sample Script Sheet
  • Sample DVD Synopsis
  • Sample Copyright Information
  • Sample Legal Information
  • Sample Character Descriptions


  • The difference between foreign and domestic distribution
  • How a film is distributed through the windows of distribution
  • How to determine the audience in your target market
  • The realities of making money
  • Self-Distribution
  • Working with producer's reps and foreign sales agents
“Well done. Interesting and gave a great deal of good, solid information. Love the whole concept and think it is a breakthrough for this type of teaching.”
   - Lisa Seguin, Grove City College