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Once the visuals of a movie are edited and the picture locked, it’s time to focus on crafting a compelling audio track. Understanding the components of how they are created, mixed together, and delivered is key in crafting the story you want to tell.
In this module you will learn the five components of audio and go to the sound studio to experience the construction of the audio for a scene.  Learn the ADR process, the contributions of Foley to the mix, the role of sounds effects and ambience, and the music.
This module is an ideal introduction to the world of audio post-production.


  • 24:49 video that walks you through the process of creating and mixing the five components of an audio track
  • Complete companion resource guide


  • How to mix dialogue as it was recorded on set
  • How to address dialoge problems
  • What is ADR and how to record it
  • What is Foley and how to record it
  • How to create and work with an ambience track
  • How to create and mix sound effects
  • How to mix in music
  • How to balance the mix of the five audio tracks
  • How to add compression and a limiter
It was a very well thought out video and I love the attention to detail and the fact that the subject matter focused on the
aesthetic and storytelling aspects of editing.
   - Cedric Pounds, Chabot College