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Film crews shoot in new locations with sophisticated equipment, work with electricity, pyrotechnics, and perform stunts.  In a business where each day is different, the only constant is risk. Protecting yourself from the costs of bodily injury, equipment loss, location damage, and even death is critical.
In this module learn how to insure your production against liabilities and costs incurred from accidents, the types of insurance you’ll need, where you can buy production insurance, the costs of insuring a production, cast insurance, film and video tape insurance, equipment insurance, and E&O insurance. 
Protect yourself and your production by going into a project insured.  It’s not an option… it’s a requirement, so learn how to do it right.


  • 19:54 video that teaches you about the different types of insurance and what types you need for your production
  • Companion resource guide
  • Insurance Resource Guide
  • Sample production insurance application
  • E&O Insurance article
  • Quick reference insurance guide
  • DeWitt Stern brochure
  • Guide to understanding insurance lingo
  • Errors & Omissions insurance application


  • The different types of production insurance
    • General Liability insurance
    • Cast insurance
    • Equipment insurance
    • Errors and Omissions insurance
    • Film and Video tape insurance
    • Worker's Compensation
  • Where you can buy insurance
  • Why you need and how to use a certificate of insurance
"Very straightforward and easy to follow. I also really appreciate the combination of technical and aesthetics, which is how I base my class. I would find this to be a very good reference to provide to students."
   - William Donaruma,
      University of Notre Dame