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HMIs are among the film industry’s most often-used light.  These sophisticated, ballast-controlled lights create a light that matches the color of sunlight and is ideal for use outdoors and in situations where sunlight is the dominant ambient source. This video takes you through every step of working with, trouble shooting, setting up, and working with HMI lights.


  • 20:02 video that teaches you how to properly use HMI light fixtures
  • Complete companion guide



  • What are HMI lights
  • About magnetic and electronic ballasts
  • About HMI power requirements
  • About the UV safety switch
  • About problems with HMIs
  • HMI PAR fixtures
  • PAR lenses and their spread patterns
  • HMI Fresnels
  • HMI lamp types
“Well done. Interesting and gave a great deal of good, solid information. Love the whole concept and think it is a breakthrough for this type of teaching.”
   - Lisa Seguin, Grove City College