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How to Join FilmSkills


I'm a Student. How Do I Join a FilmSkills Class? Learn how to create a new FilmSkills account.

I’m a new student.  How do I join a FilmSkills Class?
If you need to create a new FilmSkills account,
  • Go to FilmSkills.com
  • Click “Subscribe”
  • Choose “Student”
  • Next, choose your school from the dropdown menu.  Then, a list of all the FilmSkills Classes will appear in the next dropdown. Choose your class.
  • You may be prompted to pay with your credit card to join the class.  This is a one-time fee, so your credit card will only be charged once.

I'm interested in an Individual Training - How Does Billing Work? Learn how you will be billed for access to FilmSkills.

Billing with Subscriptions
If you decide to purchase a FilmSkills Subscription, there are three options:
  • Bronze Package – 3-month subscription for $59/month, which grants you access to 25 modules
  • Silver Package – 6-month subscription for $69/month, which grants you access to 75 modules
  • Gold Package – 12-month subscription for $79/month, which grants you access to all 211 modules
You can pay for a subscription plan upfront via credit card or withdraw from your checking or savings account, or you can choose monthly payments from your checking or savings account.
By purchasing a subscription, you will be billed each month for the duration of your contract term (3, 6, or 12 months).  After the subscription concludes, the subscription will automatically change to a recurring monthly subscription. You can cancel at any time, and continue to enjoy access through the end of the subscription cycle, however once a subscription cycle begins, no refunds can be issued.
If you purchase a Bronze or Silver package, you can easily upgrade to Gold through your "Account Settings" tab, once you log in. FilmSkills will begin a new subscription cycle, but will pro-rate the current month's cost based on what you already paid for your current subscription. You will have the option to pay upfront, or choose monthly payments.
If you paid for a subscription in full and choose to upgrade, you can either choose to pay the balance upfront, or choose pro-rated monthly payments. Any outstanding credit you have for your current subscription will be applied to the upgrade.
Billing with Courses
Courses are one-time payments to join a course.  You can choose to pay either with a credit card or from your checking or savings account.

What's the Difference Between Courses and a Subscription? As an individual user, you have two ways to use FilmSkills. Learn the difference between the two.

What is the Difference Between a Course and a Subscription?
As an individual (not taking a FilmSkills Class as part of a film school), you have two ways to access the FilmSkills modules - subscriptions and certification courses.
When you purchase a subscription package, you will have unrestricted access to a select number of modules in the FilmSkills content library. Learn on your own, and watch the content you want, when you want.  There are three subscription packages available:
  • Bronze Package – 25 modules, 3-Month subscription term, only $59/month
  • Silver Package – 75 modules, 6-Month subscription term, only $69/month
  • Gold Package – 221 modules (every module available on FilmSkills), 12-Month subscription term, only $79/month
FilmSkills Certification Courses provide a more structured learning environment and group the modules into subject.  In addition to accessing the related modules, you will also receive:
  • Testing and feedback for each lesson
  • Exercises and projects to improve your skills
  • One-on-one discussions with FilmSkills Instructors
  • A Certificate of Completion upon passing the course
  • Entry in the national Certification Database confirming your training
  • Option to subscribe to the modules at a discount after the course concludes.


Please note that you can only earn your crertification through the FilmSkills Certification Courses.  Subscriptions do not offer certification.


How Do Courses Work? Learn how FilmSkills Courses work

FilmSkills Courses are designed to be a more structured, detailed study of the subject matter. Although you will have access to the same modules as a subscription model, FilmSkills Courses offer you much more including:
  • Automated Testing - Take our online tests, and receive feedback to help you learn the material
  • Projects and Exercies - Apply the concepts you learn in the modules on your own with hundreds of fun, educational projects
  • Discussion Boards - Ask questions and discuss the material with other students and FilmSkills Instructors
  • Get Certified - Score an 85% or higher, and earn your Certificate of Completion. Your name and professional profile will then be added to the national certification database, which is used by studios, networks, film commissions, and other filmmakers.
FilmSkills Courses are available for a low, flat rate for a 3-month course.  You can take the lessons whenever you want, in what ever order you want.  Once the course is complete, you'll have the option to purchase a low-cost subscription to the modules in that course for future reference.

How does an Individual Subscription Work? Learn how the FilmSkills Subscription Plans work.

If you subscribe to FilmSkills as an individual, there are three plans available:
  • 3-month subscription for $59/month, which grants you access to 25 modules
  • 6-month subscription for $69/month, which grants you access to 75 modules
  • 12-month subscription for $79/month, which grants you access to all 211 modules
You can choose to pay the entire amount of a subscription up front with either a credit card, or from direct withdrawl from a checking or savings account.  Or, you can choose to make monthly payments from your checking or saving account each month for the duration of the subscription term.
Once a subscription lapses, it will automatically switch to a monthly subscription, which you can cancel at any time. For example, if you subscribe to the bronze package at $59/3-months, regardless of whether you pay upfront, or monthly, at the end of the 3 months, the subscription will continue on a monthly basis, at $59/month until you cancel.
Once a new subscription cycle begins, it cannot be refunded for any reason. You can cancel at anytime, and will still enjoy access to the content through the duration of the current subscription cycle.

About FilmSkills Content


How Do I Know Information in FilmSkills is Accurate? Learn about where we obtain our industry information.

How do I know the information in FilmSkills is accurate?
If you click on "About Us" at the top of the screen, you'll see the dozens of industry leaders redefining the film industry who are contributing to FilmSkills.  Even the creator is an Emmy-winning director. Our goal is to give you the most complete, accurate and thorough look into the inner-workings of the film industry possible.

Technical Requirements


What Devices/Browsers are Supported on FilmSkills? Learn how to optimize your FilmSkills viewing experience.

What Devices/Browsers are supported on FilmSkills?
FilmSkills is designed to function on a desktop computer or laptop running the most current version of the following browsers:
  • Safari
  • FireFox
  • Chrome
Although we have tested FilmSkills on Explorer, we cannot guarantee proper performance of the features.
FilmSkills currently does not support tablets or mobile devices including, but not limited to iPads, iPhones, tablets, or other mobile devices due to the advanced nature of the web platform. If you choose to use FilmSkills on an unsupported device, we do not guarantee the performance of the site or the video content and are not responsible for poor performance or an inability to access FilmSkills' content or features.
Before purchasing access to FilmSkills, test the accessibility of our content at the module preview pages.


Account Settings


I Forgot My Username If you forgot your username, used to loginto your FilmSkills account.

I forgot my Username
  • The username is most commonly your e-mail address
  • You received an email when you first joined FilmSkills that contains your username in the body of the e-mail.

I forgot My Password You can easily reset your password using this tutorial.

I forgot my Password
  • You can reset your password by visiting FilmSkills.com, then clicking on the “Forgot Password” link in the upper right corner of the page. FilmSkills will send an e-mail containing a new temporary password to the e-mail address you entered when creating your account.
Your Ticket has Been Submitted.

A Filmskills Support Technicican will be in contact with you shortly.