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When the audio is recorded on set, the goal is to record two things - the actor's dialogue, and the actor's interactions with the environment.  If the scene was ADRd, then the newly recorded dialogue replaces the audio recorded on set, so the sounds of the actors interacting with the environment- footsteps, clothing movement, picking up and moving objects - all need to be re-created to reconstruct the sound track.
This process is called Foley, and in this module, learn how Foley is recorded and mixed to create and full, rich audio track. Learn the types of Foley, how much should be recorded, the process of recording Foley, and how to properly schedule and budget this creatively demanding aspect of audio post-production.


  • 33:33 video that walks you through the process of creating Foley
  • Illustrated Companion Guide


  • What is Foley?
  • How a Foley stage is organized
  • The reasons when Foley is used for a scene
  • How the footsteps track is recorded
  • How the specifics track is recorded
  • How the cloth pass is recorded
  • How to schedule and budget Foley
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