Film Commissions

Attract Bigger Productions with Better-Trained Crews

Bigger Productions, More Revenue

Attracting big-budget productions to your state is challenging and competitive.  But even with aggressive tax incentives, beautiful locations, and rich vendor support, Hollywood productions may select another state for one reason - your crew isn't properly trained.
More than ever, large productions expect a qualified crew base, ready to work on set. With the nature of freelance work, it's often difficult to provide training to crews to ensure they can meet this expectation.  Until now.

Industry Standard Training

FilmSkills has partnered with over 100 top Hollywood filmmakers to create an industry-standard training series designed to expose crew persons of all disiplines to the standards and practices of working on set.
From safety training, to grip and rigging techniques, to the functions of the camera and the lens, your crews will learn the lingo, understand the techniques, and develop a skill set that will help you attract more productions to your region.

Certification Database

When crew persons complete and pass a FilmSkills Certified Course, they earn a Certificate of Completion and are entered into a national database that verifies their credentials, so you know who is qualified in seconds.
  • Easily and quickly seach for qualified crew persons in our free database
  • FilmSkills currently offers 19 certification courses.

How it Works

A crew person can become certified by joining FilmSkills and enrolling in one of the courses.  Through a series of egaging training videos shot on Hollywood sets, comprehensive testing and assessment, and optional exercises, each crew person is taught by top industry working professionals, then tested to ensure comprehension of the material.  If the crew person earns an 85% or righer in the course, he will receive his certification.