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One of the final performances an actor needs to give is in the ADR studio, re-recording problematic lines to reconstruct the dialogue track. This performance however, is nothing like acting on set.  The actor is isolated in a sterile sound booth, wearing headphones, and it required to say each line, again and again in an attempt to match the sync and emotional intensity of the original.  This is not an easy task.
In this module, you will learn how to work with actors to get the best vocal performance possible during the ADR process, address acting problems and actor fatigue, and gain valuable tips on how to direct a natural and realistic performance so the ADR performance becomes better than the original delivery on set.


  • 28:19 video that reveals tips and techniques for directing actors in the ADR process
  • Illustrated companion guide


  • How actors respond to the ADR process
  • How to avoid delivery burn-out
  • How to get the performance you want
  • The danger of line readings
  • How group ADR sessions operate
I am very impressed by the quality of the video that I have been watching. I will strongly recommend to my peers.”
   - Weimin Zhang,
       San Francisco State University