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Footage, images, sound effects, music, ambience, titles, CGI, composites – there are a lot of elements that go into a movie.  With tens of thousands of shots filmed for a feature film, thousands of sound elements, and dozens of people working on assembling these into one single movie, it’s critical to keep the materials organized and develop a workflow that keeps all the members of your post-production team focused on molding the story – not searching for one shot buried on a hard drive.
In this module you will learn how to develop a system for organizing the footage from set to post, how to develop a workflow that keeps the process smooth and conflict-free, how to conduct post-production meetings, the role of the post-production supervisor, standard techniques for labeling and managing footage, and data handling techniques.
Create a workflow so your team can focus on what’s important… the story.


  • 26:39 video that takes you through the process of managing your footage and editing workflow
  • Complete companion guide
  • Step-by-step guide of the editing process


  • How to to properly log footage on set
  • How to coordinate the post-production process with the team
  • The roles of the post-production team
  • How to develop a workflow for transferring files
  • How to properly use the Script Supervisor's notes
  • How to maintain continuity
  • How to label shots
  • How to organize footage at both the desktop and editing software level
Very detailed. Excellent for homework assignments to let students watch at home.
   -  Daniel Levin,
       University of Houston