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Light sources emit a wide range of colors, which can be problematic for film and video cameras.  This module will help you understand how to work with different color light sources, how to balance them, and what pitfalls to avoid.
Learn about white balance, how to properly use it and how to cheat it to create dramatic effects for a shot.


  • 23:05 video that teaches you how to identify and work with light sources of different color temperatures
  • Complete companion guide
  • Guide on using color meters


  • What color temperatures are and how they affect the lighting
  • What is white and how to control the white point of the image
  • How different color light sources read on screen
  • The Kelvin scale, what it is and how it is used to measure the color of light
  • How to color balance film
  • How to color balance digital video
  • How to cheat white balance
  • How to use a color meter
Very detailed. Excellent for homework assignments to let students watch at home.
   -  Daniel Levin,
       University of Houston