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Light meters can look scary – you’ve seen them, you’ve read about them, and now it’s time to learn how to use one.  These invaluable tools used by gaffers and cinematographers measure the brightness of a light source and subsequently help them determine the proper exposure of a shot.
In this module, you will learn the difference between the types of light meters, how to calibrate one, and how to properly use it to get the correct exposure every time.
Learn how to use one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal – the light meter.


  • 12:34 video that walks you through the various types of light meters and how to properly use them
  • Complete companion guide


  • The different types of light meters
  • How to properly use a meter to measure the brightness of light
  • How to use an incident light meter
  • How to use a spot meter
  • Variables to consider when setting-up a light meter
  • Exposing your shot with a monitor
  • The environmental impact on a light meter
 "This is an indispensible filmmaking companion. Amazingly easy to follow and full of valuable insights, no serious filmmaker should be without FilmSkills."
   - Patrick Falvey, writer