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The eyes are the window to the soul, and being able to look into someone’s eyes can promote a connection in a way no other interaction can.  Framing actors in a movie is no different – the more an audience can see a character, the more they will connect to him or her. One very powerful technique to manipulate this connection is how you direct the actor’s eyeline to the camera.
In this module, you will learn how to choose the best eyeline, directing techniques for ideal camera placement, how to overcome challenges when working with visual effects, and how to fine tune actor’s eyelines within mere inches to achieve the desired emotional impact.
Improve the connection between the characters and the audience with the power of understanding eyelines.


  • 9:26 video that reveals the power of eyelines and how to establish the eyeline so your actors best connect with the audience
  • Complete resource guide


  • How to determine the eyeline
  • How to best help the actors connect with the audience
  • How to cheat the eyeline
"Finally... a complete resource for independent filmmakers! Thank you, Jason Tomaric for succinctly compiling all the most pertinent and useful information so that when my memory needs jogging, help is just a click away! Your generosity in sharing your success formula is so refreshing."
   - Amina Fakir, Producer