Become a Certified Professional with FilmSkills Courses

Meet the Standards

We work with new people on each and every job. With ever demanding schedules, shrinking budgets, and greater on-set expectations, hiring a qualified, competent crew is increasingly important. But how do you know that the people you're hiring are properly trained?  Unlike other industries that require employees to complete comprehensive training programs, the film industry has none. It is a largely unregulated, relationship-based business where the people working on your set may be there because of their connections - not their competency.
The FilmSkills Certification Program is a new industry-wide online training tool that trains, tests, and verifies the competency of motion picture and television crews across 20 engaging multimedia courses, each taught by leaders in the entertainment industry.

How Does it Work?

When you take a FilmSkills Course, you will be trained through 8-16 lessons, each with a 30-minute video, illustrated companion text, downloadable supplemental files, and a discussion board connecting him with other industry professionals. You will then be tested over your understanding of the material, giving you a chance to improve and learn.
Upon completion and passing a FilmSkills Course, you will receive a certificate of completion and be entered into a verifying Certification Database, which confirms your certification. This database is available to all industry professionals, producers, and governing bodies like film commissions, studios, and networks.

Certification Courses

FilmSkills currently offers 19 certification courses:
  • Safety Training Course
  • Development Course
  • Screenwriting Course
  • Scheduling and Budgeting Course
  • Producing Course
  • Finding Actors Course
  • Directing Actors Course
  • Director's Craft Course
  • Production Design Course
  • Locations Course
  • Camera and Lens Course
  • Cinematography Technique Course
  • Basic Lighting Course
  • Advanced Lighting Course
  • Grip and Rigging Course
  • Audio Recording Course
  • Documentary Course
  • Editing Course
  • Distribution Course