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You worked hard to raise the money for your movie, and while raising money is hard, spending it is easy… too easy. Without a proper budget, many productions have run out of money and are unable to finish the production, leaving many rough cuts sitting on the shelf.
In this module learn to create an accurate budget, tricks to reducing the budget if you’re running over, how to plan for contingencies, how to manage crew expectations, and how to go into production knowing you’ll have the money to finish.


  • 30:45 video that walks you through each step of creating a budget
  • Complete companion guide
  • 11 valuable tips for budgeting a movie
  • Basic budget template you can use on your production
  • Advanced budget template for bigger, more complex projects you can use on your production
  • Blank purchase order you can use on your production
  • Blank purchase order log
  • Blank purchase order extension
  • Blank petty cash log
  • Blank individual petty cash account form
  • Blank check request form
  • Blank cash or sales receipt


  • How to prepare and develop a movie budget
  • The types of budgets
  • Tips for reducing the budget
  • How to build contingencies into the budget
  • How to budget around the director's vision
  • What to look for when developing a budget
  • How to manage the expectations of each department
I am very impressed by the quality of the video that I have been watching. I will strongly recommend to my peers.”
   - Weimin Zhang,
       San Francisco State University