Basic On-Set Safety Preview

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There is always a lot of activity on a movie set as the cast and crew construct a fictional world: the art department builds and dresses sets, the camera department moves cameras, grips and electricians rig and place lighting… and all this commotion comes together to create life in the little rectangle called the frame. As magical and romantic as it sounds, every set poses certain hazards, in which the working conditions constantly change, new variables of weather and locations challenges pop up every day and the crew must adapt to not only get the shot, but always do it safely.
So, in this module we will cover many standard on-set safety practices that apply to all personnel working on the production in all departments, whether working on location or on a sound stage. We’ll begin by discussing some of the important communication tools: Safety Meetings, Call Sheets, and Safety Bulletins.  We’ll discuss clothing and personal protection equipment, organizing equipment and gear on a set, providing warnings when moving through the set, and safe practices when using ladders.  Finally we’ll discuss some very dangerous situations to be wary of: driving after working long hours, using drugs or alcohol during production, and working with equipment for which special training and qualifications are necessary.  We’ll end this module with guidelines for security of sets and equipment.


  • 34:55 video that highlights industry standard on-set safety techniques
  • Illustrated companion guide
  • Downloadable on-set reference guide


  • How to conduct a safety meetings
  • How safety is integrated into call sheets
  • What are safety bulletins
  • How to avoid set hazards
  • About working long hours and driving
  • On-set policies for drugs and alcohol
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