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Safety Training Course
The FilmSkills Safety Training Course seeks to training crew persons in current safety standards to reduce the risk of accidents, injury, or death on set. The FilmSkills Safety Training Course adapts the Industry standard California OSHA and Contract Services Safety Pass program for student, independent, non-union, and union crew persons.  This program is modeled after the very same program required of all IATSE crews working on studio and network television shows in California.   Improve the safety on set, reduce the risk of accidents, and protect yourself from liability with the FilmSkills Safety Training Course.
14 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $299
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Development Course
In the FilmSkills Development Course, you will learn how to navigate the studio systems, how to wisely use agents and managers, how to package name actors to your project, how to raise enough money, and how to take advantage of the ever-popular tax incentives. Learn from Hollywood elites – producers who have made Oscar-winning movies, worked with Stephen Spielberg, James Cameron, and other A-list directors on Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters.   We take you inside the industry to learn what few have access to in the FilmSkills Development Course.
7 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $199
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Screenwriting Course
In the FilmSkills Screenwriting Course, you will learn the step-by-step process of writing a script from top Hollywood writers. From the very beginning stages of developing a marketable idea, creating dynamic characters, understanding story structure, and finally learning how to market your script. You will gain all the tools you need to write a professional Hollywood screenplay.
16 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $299
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Scheduling and Budgeting Course
A director may have a sweeping vision for how to tell the story, but producing that vision into a tangible product comes with a price tag. That price tag could be in the 100 millions, and knowing how to come up with that number is paramount to creating a profitable movie.   Understanding how to break down the script, creating a schedule for the overall production as well as each scene within each shooting day, and managing insurance requirements are key in balancing the vision with the practicalities of production.   In the FilmSkills Scheduling and Budgeting Course, you will be guided step-by-step through the scheduling and budgeting process by producers and 1st Assistant Directors who have worked on Titanic, Avatar, Total Recall, and dozens of movies whose combined box office grosses are in the billions of dollars.
9 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $149
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Producing Course
In the FilmSkills Producing Course, you will learn how to start and run a production company, manage payroll and production expenses, negotiate with vendors, work with unions, and hire the cast and crew, including, SAG-AFTRA actors. Your instructors - Hollywood producers whose credits include top blockbusters, critically acclaimed productions, as well as Emmy and Academy-Award winning projects - will walk you through every step of how to produce a film from the broad picture to the fine details. In addition to the rich video modules that take you onto the set and behind the scenes, you will have access to our database of industry-standard contracts and forms you can use on your own projects.
8 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $249
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Finding Actors Course
In the FilmSkills Finding Actors course, we will show you how to find the balance between actors who bring the creative presence to the screen while providing a marketable face for distributors.  Learn how to conduct effective auditions whether you’re working with experienced Hollywood actors or local theatre talent.  Learn how to work with local celebrities to generate buzz and potentially raise resources for your movie. Lastly we will show you how to make the final selection when faced with a line of outstanding finalists.
4 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $149
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Directing Actors Course
The role of the director is to get the right performance out of the actors, and in the FilmSkills Directing Actors Course, we give you the tools you need to get a convincing, emotionally rich performance from even the most difficult or inexperienced actor. Learn the language of acting and techniques for communicating with actors. Learn the step-by step process for conducting powerful rehearsals. Get techniques from network television director on how to analyze characters in the script. We’ll identify common directing mistakes and how to avoid them.  Then learn how to work with actors on set from the moment before calling action to the moment after you call cut. Learn how to direct extras and even the military to craft a convincing and believable environment.
8 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $199
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Director's Craft Course
Learn the cinematic language and techniques for interpreting the story and crafting a visual experience that compliments the actors’ performances.  Learn how to begin a project, break down the script for story and character, plan the look of the visual story, properly shoot a scene, effectively block actors for both story and function, successfully utilize basic and advanced coverage techniques as well as how to storyboard and shot list your movie.
10 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $299
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Production Design Course
Learn how to shape a convincing world around your characters - from the basics of how to build a flat, to advanced set design and construction techniques, to set dressing, and building a visceral, expansive world that pulls the audience into the world of the characters.  Learn the skills to break down a script and design and dress a story-centric set.  You will also learn the roles and functions of the art department, production designer, art director, and construction coordinator.
9 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $199
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Locations Course
Shooting on location adds vibrancy to the world of your story – whether you’re shooting at the Eifel Tower or a dark back alley, the real life always tends to look more…real. But this realism comes at the price.  The cost of transporting the cast and crew, working with the public, handling permits, working with local government, dealing with annoyed neighbors, and fighting the elements to get the control you need to craft each shot can be daunting.   That’s why in the Location Course, we walk you through ever step of how to shoot on location from finding the best location to leaving at the end of the shoot and everything in between. Learn from Steven Spielberg’s location manager Mike Fantasia, veteran Hollywood location manager Veronique Vowell, and former San Diego film commissioner Kathy McCurdy.
6 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $149
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Camera and Lens Course
In the FilmSkills Camera and Lens Course, you will learn the functions of the camera and the lens.  Learn the correct functions of the rings of the lens, how they work technically, and how to use them to create the artistic look you want for your movie.   By the end of this course, you will gain the knowledge needed to effectively use the camera and lens, set focus and exposure, understand the impact of changing focal length, how macro focus, back focus and shutter speeds will affect the image, the types of lenses available, as well as the roles of the camera department.   Upon completion of the FilmSkills Camera and Lens Course with a grade of 85% or better, you will receive a certificate of completion.
13 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $249
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Cinematography Technique Course
Cinematographers can drench the entire world in sadness, leave characters in a haze of confusion and even show us the manic feelings of a first love. Cinematography isn’t just about understanding the techniques of lighting or effectively using the lens, but the art of how to craft the image within the frame.  Designed for both directors and cinematographers, the FilmSkills Cinematography Technique Course teaches you how to craft the details of the frame such as the actors’ eye lines, shot types, and composition.  Learn the differences between film and video, as well as analog and digital, before delving deeper into the frame itself from aspect ratio conversions to maintaining screen direction.
12 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $249
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Basic Lighting Course
In the FilmSkills Basic Lighting Course, go on set with Emmy and Academy-Award-winning cinematographers as they teach you the art and craft of cinema lighting.  Learn the attributes of light and how to control them, how to create low budget lighting options, how to work with color, how to use simple techniques for lighting people, how to approach the lighting of a scene, and how to use the two workhorses of movie lighting – the tungsten light and the HMI, as well as the role of the electric department.
12 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $199
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Advanced Lighting Course
Continuing where the FilmSkills Basic Lighting Course left off, the FilmSkills Advanced Lighting Course takes you even deeper into the tools and techniques used by Emmy and Oscar-winning cinematographers.    Learn advanced techniques for reducing, softening and shaping light as well as how to work outside with the sun to get the look you want.  Learn advanced key light techniques for feature films, commercials, and music videos.  You will also learn how to use a light meter, and properly light and shoot on a green screen, as well as advanced natural lighting techniques.
10 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $149
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Grip and Rigging Course
If you ever stepped foot on a movie set, the first thing you notice is all the equipment.  Stands, clamps, and elaborate rigs are constructed to position the camera and lighting to get the perfect shot.   In the FilmSkills Grip and Rigging Course, you will learn how to use the most commonly-used grip equipment, proper rigging techniques, how and when to use clamps and stands, how to set-up dolly track and use a camera dolly, as well as the roles of the grip department from the time they get a phone call for a job to managing the politics on set.   Never look foolish opening a C-Stand or question whether to use a cardellini or a mafer again with the FilmSkills Grip and Rigging Course.
11 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $149
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Audio Recording Course
Learn the step-by step approach to recording high-quality audio on set, from choosing the right microphones to learning how to use a boom mic. Leading audio experts including the head of Apple Audio and inventor of THX Tom Holman, teach you the craft that has taken them a lifetime to learn.   Give the audience the sonic experience they want through the vibrant world of motion picture audio in the FilmSkills Audio Recording Course.
10 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $249
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Documentary Course
Learn the entire process of making a documentary from some of the industry’s most recognized documentarians.  Learn how to find the story and develop the story structure for your film, learn the right gear to choose and how to prepare for a life shooting in the field.  Gain advanced techniques on finding and interviewing your subjects, choosing the right locations, and knowing the right questions to ask.  Learn to shoot effective B-roll in both controlled and uncontrollable situations, understand the ethics of documentary film production, and finally how to assemble your footage into a well-paced, engaging story in the editing room.
13 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $249
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Editing Course
In the FilmSkills Editing Course, Emmy-winning television and film editors take you inside the process and psychology of film editing. Learn how to properly shoot your footage on set to maximize your options in the editing room, when to cut from one shot to the next, how to choose your shot selection, how to work with the editor, and how to create the most emotion in each scene. We will take you step-by step through the editing process itself from developing a workflow and managing your data through the assembly cut, rough cut, fine cut, online process, and color grading. Learn how to conduct test screenings, manage feedback from producers, and deliver a final product that meets both technical demands as well as the director’s vision.
13 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $299
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Distribution Course
Go behind closed doors to teach you how the sales end of the industry works.  We take you to the American Film Market and the Sundance Film Festival to see how deals are struck.  Learn from the VP of Distribution of Lucas Film how to navigate the sometimes-tricky waters of domestic and foreign distribution. Learn how to market your movie at a film festival and ultimately get the best deal possible.   You will learn from Hollywood’s top producers and distributors as they walk you into the heart of the Hollywood sales machine to arm you with the knowledge to be the smartest person sitting at the negotiating table.
5 MODULES  | 3 MONTHS  | $199
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